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We offer a wide range of service and repairs for the leading manufacturers of marine lifting equipment and If you don't see your requirement listed below, please do contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Specialists in the following:

  • Routine servicing and inspections, with a full report including defects and cost forecasts for the future.
  • Engine breakdowns and repairs.
  • Hydraulic repairs to pumps, motors, control valves.
  • Ram repairs and overhauls.
  • Replacement of pins and bushes.
  • Replacement of axle and steering bearings.
  • Corrosion treatment.
  • Fabrication works carried out.
  • Full machine overhauls.
  • Full assemble and disassembly of new and used machines.

Transmission pump failure on a Wise 45T boat mover

After attending to a breakdown in Plymouth, we quickly diagnosed the fault to be with the main transmission pump. In order to get the machine back into action a new pump was required. The current pump fitted had a 13 week lead time for a replacement pump.

After consulting directly with Wise handing, we were able to upgrade the hydraulic pump system with newer units that were readily available. Within 48 hours we were able to upgrade the main transmission pump complete with a new PTO pump and rewrite the control software and the customer had their machine back up and running within 72 hours from reporting the breakdown.

MPP Engineering
MPP Engineering

Wise 110T boat mover

We were called to attend a steering failure on a wise 110T boat mover. Upon inspection the bolts holding down the steering flange, connecting to the lower leg to the steering ram, had sheared and, as a result, had bent the ram.

We removed the ram and this was fully repaired with a new rod, bearings and seals. We straightened out the bent flange and were able to drill out the sheared bolts and then reassemble whole system.

MPP Engineering

Steering bearings on a 40T wise slipway hoist

As part of the annual maintenance carried out on this machine, it was also time to carry out extended maintenance due to wear and tear and this included replacing both steering bearings.

We were able to suspend the machine high enough to remove the lower steering assembly in order to clean and inspect the spigot and reassemble with new bearings.

MPP Engineering
MPP Engineering
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